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Flavorful. Colorful. Soulful.

Home is never far away when you eat at La Cocina Puertorriquena. We specialize in those savores you know and love—the ones that remind you of Abuela’s cooking. It’s the perfect place to have a meal together with your family. Our specialties range from mofongos and alcapurrias to homemade pasteles and crispy roasted pork.

We pride ourselves in our excellent customer service and are committed to making your experience with us an absolute treat. If it’s your first time eating with us, don’t be shy and ask our team for recommendations. You’ll love our authentic recipes and the savory comfort foods that remind us all of Puerto Rico. Bienvenidos a la familia.

La Cocina Puertorriqueña

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Getting your favorite Puerto Rican food has never been so easy. Now you can order pickup online and avoid waiting on hold or repeating your credit card number over the phone.

Here at La Cocina Puertorriqueña, we want to make things as convenient as possible for you. That’s why we offer 10% OFF your first order when ordering online, just use promo code: WELCOME at checkout.

Download our app on Google Play or order directly from our Website and enjoy ordering our delicious food today. We pledge that your order will be right and right on time.


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